German volume training: What to expect from the new training volume

German volume trainings (VSTs) have been around for a while now, but this article is the first of a two-part series looking at the new VSTs in German.

This article is part 1. 

The first part covers VST training for beginners and intermediate level athletes.

The second part looks at the VST for professional athletes.

If you’d like to read the rest of this article, you can find the full article at the end of the article. 

VST training is a term that comes up in training programs.

It is a training method that trains athletes by moving a weight through a series of different exercises, and usually by moving the weight from one position to another. 

In German, the word VST is often translated as ‘heavy’.

The most commonly used term for VST exercises is the Viscous Strain Training.

This is a very good definition of VST because it includes everything that we can train athletes to do.

Viscosity is a measure of how much weight a training load is able to move through a given position.

VST’s also use the concept of the Vibration Resistance (VRA).

The VRA refers to how much force an athlete can produce when they are subjected to a force equal to the amount of stress they are subject to in a given exercise.

The VST can train the athlete to move more than a certain amount of weight through the exercise. 

One of the biggest challenges of Vst is that it requires a lot of strength and flexibility in order to work the movements.

This means that VST must be performed in a very precise fashion.

The key is to maintain that balance.

There are two main components of VSS training: A high-intensity VST session The intensity of the training session should be high enough to cause the athlete discomfort but not to cause muscle damage. 

This can be achieved by either the athlete moving a heavy load through a very short time (less than a minute) or a lower intensity session that allows the athlete time to recover from the training load. 

An intermediate VST An average VST should consist of one-half of an hour, but it can be longer.

This can be done for beginners, intermediate level, or professionals. 

You can also work on the VAST at different intensity levels, which can be used for any athletes. 

How to prepare a VST The VST workout is generally done in the morning and after a quick lunch or snack.

After your VST, it is recommended to drink water and take a few extra minutes to digest.

If the athlete is recovering from a workout, then they should take a break and eat more. 

Some VST workouts use a series or circuit of exercises, while others do not.

The key is that you train the athletes with the same number of exercises in each session.

You should not use the same set of exercises for different workouts.

It could cause injury and can even cause the athletes to lose their form. 

Do not start the VSS with any special weights, but use a heavy weight for every exercise.

This will prevent injury and make the workout more efficient. 

Training the VSt in a single session or group is not recommended.

The main purpose of VSt training is to increase strength and strength endurance, which means the athlete should be able to perform the VSA with a heavier weight. 

Using an exercise that is not very heavy is a bad idea.

In order to increase the strength of the muscles, you should start the workout with an exercise with a higher intensity than the one that you are working. 

What are the benefits of using an intermediate VSS?

The benefits of VSA’s for training for advanced level athletes are that it is an efficient way of training.

It has the advantage that the athlete can recover from any session of VSCs. 

There are a number of benefits that you can gain from using an VSA:  the athlete is able work more often in the same workout without having to do additional movements

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