When you’re not in the mood for pokemon trainer cards, here’s a video you can watch to cheer up the kids

This video has been circulating on social media and Reddit.

The clip starts with a cartoon of a man who has a Pikachu in his pocket and the caption: “Now this is why I hate trainees!

I want to be one myself, but there’s no one to get me started!”

Then the man’s son goes to the trainee and asks him: “Why did you choose to do the training, and how did you get the pokemon?”

“Because,” says the trainer, “I’m an obedience trainer.”

“And why not?” the son replies.

“Because I’m not allowed to,” says his father.

“That’s why,” says one of the trainers.

“But I’m a trainer,” says another.

“And you’re going to be a trainer too,” says a third.

“Well,” says their mother, “you’re going out of your way to train your son to be an obedience master.

And that’s exactly what you’re getting.”

In this clip, we see a trainer and son on a trainee’s lap.

They then take turns using the trainees Pokémon, teaching them to do various activities like fetch and fetch-up.

The boy has to run around the trainers lap, while his father teaches him how to fetch.

The trainer says to the boy, “Let’s see what you can do with that Pikachu.”

“No,” says Pikachu.

“You’re going on a mission,” says trainer.

“I have to be there, and you have to catch it.

You’re going in the same direction,” says dad.

The father says, “Now we’re going the same way, and we’re not going to catch the same Pokémon.

We’re going different directions.”

“You can’t catch that Pokémon!” says trainer’s son.

“Not for me, not for you, not even for you,” says father.

In this scene, the father is standing right in front of the trainer, while the trainer is on his lap.

The son is doing something else, like trying to fetch a Pokémon.

The dad is looking away and then, with the trainer looking right at him, he starts running towards him.

The man’s mother, who is also in the background, is standing next to the trainer’s lap, and then the son turns around and follows the father.

The Trainer is running back and forth in front and behind the trainer and father, while they are catching their Pokémon.

This is the moment when the parents are talking about being “parents” and they are clearly trying to help the boy.

This scene is also the scene when the trainer asks the boy what he wants to do with his Pokemon, which is a very awkward moment for the boy and his mother.

At this point, the trainer has two trainers standing behind the boy while the father holds the Pokémon.

“We need to catch this Pokémon,” says mom.

“What’s the Pokémon?,” says son.

(As the father turns around to look at his son, the Trainer says, with a little shake of his head, “No.

You don’t want to catch that Pokemon.”)

The boy and the trainer look at each other for a moment, then they continue to run towards each other.

After a while, the boy turns around.

He says, to his mother, with tears in his eyes, “Dad, I want that Pokémon.

I want it now.”

“I won’t let you catch it,” says mother.

The two trainers then run off.

The scene ends with a few more trainers running towards each of the parents Pokémon.

They have the boy stand in front, but the mother doesn’t say anything.

The mother continues to talk with her son, while her husband, who has been sitting behind the Trainer, talks with his son.

The video ends with the mother, father, and the son together on the train.

It’s pretty clear that the mother has been in this situation before, and this time it was for her son.

The parents appear to be in good spirits.

The parents then take the train, which takes them to a subway station.

The child’s father says to his son: “You are a good boy, boy.”

The father then asks the child, “Are you going to do anything to get that Pikachu?”

The boy replies, “Yeah, I’m going to go out to the subway and catch a Pikachu.”

The mother says, laughing, “Good boy, good boy.”

This is how the mother appears in the scene.

When the parents go out for the train ride, they are still hugging each other, but now they look very different from before.

They’re not holding hands, they’re not dancing, and they’re clearly looking at each another with the eyes of an attentive parent.

The mom is not sitting at the front of their family, and she has not turned her

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