When trains don’t run on time, train operator gets $12M deal

HO TRAINS, Texas — The operator of an Amtrak train that has had a glitch that has disrupted service for more than three weeks has been awarded a $12 million settlement by a federal judge.

A federal judge in Dallas granted a preliminary injunction on Thursday against the operators of Ho Train, which runs from Dallas to the Houston area, saying it had violated the Federal Railroad Administration’s railroad safety standards for the train’s operations.

The railroad said it plans to appeal the ruling.

The railroad, which has a history of problems, has been operating the Ho Train from Dallas, and said it had a contingency plan for a shutdown, though it said it could have avoided the problem by using a different train.

The problem began last weekend when the train was on a routine journey from Dallas.

It was traveling from Houston to New Orleans.

When it left New Orleans, it lost signal and was in a standstill for more then a day, said Ho Train President Michael J. Smith.

The train then stopped at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and the passengers were allowed to board the train, which had been operating with a backup of passengers and equipment.

The train was operating with passengers, but not crew members, the company said.

On Wednesday, the train started running again and passengers were not allowed on board.

The passengers complained that the train did not run at full speed, the suit said.

Ho Train then told passengers that they would not be able to board and that they should call a cab, the complaint said.

But when passengers did call the cab company, the operator told them they would have to pay the fare and then said that passengers would have their tickets refunded if they did not cancel their reservation, the lawsuit said.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are a group of passengers who live in Dallas and have lived on Ho Train for years.

The plaintiffs say the company has violated federal safety standards by not doing enough to fix the problems and has a poor record of dealing with accidents, according to the suit.

In the past, Ho Train has received an FRA-required safety evaluation and corrective action plan for its operators.

The agency said in a statement that the company is “working diligently to ensure safety and minimize disruptions to the public.”

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