Which trains are available for hire on Lirr’s train schedule?

Lirra, the train company which operates the Lirre trains in Ireland, is offering a special train schedule for riders.

They will be able to ride trains on the trains on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6am to 6pm. 

A train schedule can only be booked up to 30 days in advance.

The company says this is because they have a limited number of train seats.

The Lirrs schedule is: Monday to Friday 6am – 6pm Monday to Saturday 6am- 6pm Saturday 6:30am – 5pm Sunday 6am, 8:30 am – 4:30pmLirra says the schedule is in line with what they had available in January 2017, and there will be no change to the schedule in October. 

The Lirras train timetable for Tuesday is: Monday 6am Monday to Thursday 6am Tuesday to Saturday 8am-4pmSunday 8am, 11am – 4pmLarra has also offered a limited weekend timetable, which they say is the same as the previous weekend schedule. 

Lirras timetable is as follows: Monday 7am Monday and Tuesday 7am to 10am Tuesday and Saturday 8:45am-10pmSunday 10am, 2pm – 2:45pmLaurie MacNeill, director of Lirrain, said the company has a number of ways to accommodate riders.

She said that there are a number people that have had their children on the train, and they are looking at other ways of accommodating them. 

“The only way we could accommodate them is by allowing them to use the platform and have their children sit in the carriage, which is not possible,” she said. 

Ms MacNeill said Lirres timetable would be similar to what was available last year.

She added that it is not a compulsory service, and that if you would like to go for a ride, you will be responsible for your own travel costs.

“If you do not have a car, we can offer a bus, which you can use on the same day you come to Lirrias station, but we have limited carriages available,” she added. 

She said that Lirris schedules are always changing, and it would be up to the customer to book accordingly.

“We have a customer service team that can help you in any way they want, but the customer service is always there,” she explained. 

Some passengers are disappointed with the change to their train schedule.

One customer who booked for a weekend train journey, said that it has been a very stressful experience for him. 

He said he was on the Lira train on a Friday afternoon on October 6th, and the journey took about 40 minutes.

He said the timetable had been a bit odd. 

His son said the journey was a great experience, but it was a little disappointing to have to change to a new schedule.

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