The Latest on a Supreme Court ruling on the sale of toys that look like lions train sets

Lionel Train Sets, a popular toy company, will now face a possible lawsuit from its employees after they posted photos of the products on social media, with the company saying it did not know of the controversy.

The company said in a statement Wednesday that it was “deeply saddened” by the allegations made against Lionel train set employees, adding that it had suspended the employees and taken legal action against them.

The social media post came after an employee posted a photo of Lionel’s Train Set Train and its trainer clipart, which was meant to be a “cute picture” of the train.

The caption said: “Train Set and the trainer clip art, the two are so cute!

Lionel just posted a picture of the Train Set train set.


The employee who posted the picture on Twitter, who asked not to be identified, said in an email that Lionel had not approved the product as a train set, saying the trainer’s clipart was not in line with the brand.

“We are deeply saddened by the alleged misuse of the Lionel brand by a few employees and have taken the necessary legal action to secure the rights of the lion train set creators and the lion set owner,” the employee said in the email.

The Lionel employee, who also requested anonymity, said he had posted the photo on Instagram in September and said he received death threats, with some sending him threats to his family home.

He said the company had not received any complaints from the company.

“It’s been a long time since Lionel was involved in anything and I’m still surprised and saddened by this,” the Lioneel employee said.

“It’s unfortunate that a few people are so out of touch and are making a big deal about a few little things.”

The company posted on Instagram that it would investigate the incident.

“This was a very personal incident and we take the matter seriously,” the company said.

A Facebook page for Lionel, which has more than 2.5 million followers, was also taken down Wednesday after a post was posted claiming the company has a contract with Lionel and that it “does not know” of any issue.

“If this is true, Lionel is not doing anything wrong,” the post said.

Lionels owner Lionel said in its statement Wednesday, “Lioneln Train Sets will be launching a new brand and the company is currently in the process of working with the legal counsel and will respond to all of the legal questions as they arise.”

The lion trainer clipArt, pictured above, is a lion train that is used in the video.

The lion train has a clipart of a lion that is a trainer in it.

This lion train is used to train lions in the wild.

It’s a rare and unique type of lion training and has a special place in the Lion’s life.

It is not a trained lion.

The lion trainers clipart and Train Set are made from steel, the company’s statement said.

Lionel did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the incident on Wednesday.

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