When you’re in the gym, this is the workout you should be doing

A fitness trainer who has been working with elite golfers has a simple message for those trying to lose weight: don’t train hard.

“Don’t train like you’ve never done before,” says Bob O’Keefe, who works out with elite professional golfer Rory McIlroy.

“You should be getting to grips with it and not trying to go to extremes.”

O’Keefe is the co-founder and CEO of the fitness company The Strength Training Institute (STI), which specializes in working with golfers who want to shed pounds.

He and his team have seen more than 100 golfers get through their first major in the sport, but O’Reilly says they’re only seeing a fraction of the results golfers in the U.S. are seeing.

In the first quarter of 2017, the Golf Digest survey of nearly 2,000 golfers found that only 16 percent of them were gaining more than 10 pounds a month.

The majority were losing the same amount of weight.

So how can we help our golfers achieve their goal of losing weight without going too crazy?

First, O’Dell recommends looking at what works for you.

If you’re trying to improve your golf swing, O’ts advice is to hit your targets with less weight on your golf club and use your body weight to keep it stable.

For example, if you have a 5-foot, 8-inch swing and want to lose a pound, you need to hit less weight in the air with your swing.

This can be achieved by hitting your weight with a lighter weight, such as a 5×5 tee shot or a lighter ball.

But if you want to add weight, you’ll need to use more weight on the club, a heavier weight, and a lighter load.

O’Dells golf swing trainer, Bob O’ty, shows his golf club with a heavier load than the average golfer.

The way you go about it is to add less weight to the golf club.

This is called the “tire load,” and it’s what’s causing the golfers problems.

A golf ball hits your club with more force when it hits the ground.

This force is the weight of the ball hitting the ground and how much it bounces off the ground as it bounces.

Now, to help your golfer shed pounds, you want him to hit more weight with the ball.

This will make his swing more stable.

You want to hit the ball harder than it normally would, which will help you build muscle and strength.

O’ty also says to be consistent.

He says to make sure you hit your golf ball with the weight that you feel comfortable with, but not too hard.

For example, you could use a golf ball that’s 5-7 inches in diameter.

You can put the weight you feel like hitting on your lower back, hips, and knees.

If you feel a lot of pressure from your lower body and hips, then your swing is not stable.

This might make it hard to hit harder shots.

Also, if your golf balls weight is not consistent, then you’re training your body to hit heavier loads.

You don’t want your body hitting heavier loads because you’re going to get hurt.

O’Toole suggests keeping the weight on one side of your body and putting that side of the golf ball into the other.

If your golfes weight is heavy on one hand, he says to use your left hand to lift the weight and to keep the ball off the tee and down your back.

When you have the time and space, you can also add weight to your body with weights, such the weights used by O’Theo’s golf swing trainers.

If there are multiple weights in your swing, add them one after the other to make your swing stronger.

If you want your golf clubs weight to be lighter, you might add the weight from your body.

You’ll need about 2.5 pounds of weight to have a 10-inch golf club, O’my says.

To get a good shot at hitting a golf shot that lands with a golf swing that’s stable, you also need to get the weight off the golf swing and into the air.

This may sound simple, but it’s not.

If the weight is too heavy on the golf clubs head, you’re making the swing more unstable.

The weight on a golf club is a load that’s not balanced on your body, so it’s more like a ball than a club.

When the weight gets on the tee or in the ball, it makes the golf more unstable, and that’s why you need more weight to get a ball that hits hard and stays put.

When you do the swing correctly, O’dy says, it’s the weight, not the weight in your body that creates stability.

When it comes to weight training, you should focus on improving the swing and your technique,

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