When a train horn went off in New York, Amtrak train status changed

Amtrak train horns have a habit of going off, sending train passengers scrambling to grab their hands on their heads and frantically try to calm down.

Now, Amtrak is getting the message.

On Monday, Amtrak trains will be quieter.

In the future, train horns will only be heard when trains are in the process of being activated or when the train is traveling through a station.

The train horn can be heard only when trains reach a station, not when a train leaves the station.

Train horns will still be heard from trains that are in stops along the way.

The trains have been on alert since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Amtrak said in a statement Monday.

A new sound system will be installed on Amtrak trains starting in January 2018.

The new sound systems will include an enhanced horn that will be able to hear the trains’ movement.

The horn will be louder and louder as trains travel through stations, Amtrak says.

When Amtrak trains are traveling through stations and trains are not in a stop, the horn will only sound when the trains are moving through a stop.

The horns will be muted when trains have not yet reached a stop or have reached a station and the train has not been activated.