When a man’s penis got caught in a toilet, the man was forced to use a training shoe

An American man who was forced by police to use training shoes to get his penis to move has called for an investigation into the incident.

The man, who is not identified, said he and his friends were stopped at a petrol station in Hobart, Tasmania, on February 10 when they were stopped by officers for not wearing footwear.

The group was told to remove their shoes as they were searched by the police, he said.

“The officers were using handcuffs to hold my hand and were grabbing my penis with their hands.”

I was asked why I was wearing shoes.

I told them I was trying to be professional.

“The man said he told the officers he was not wearing shoes, as the men were not allowed to be in the shop, but was told by one officer, that if he had not said anything then he would have been arrested.”

He said if I had not spoken to them, I would be arrested and thrown in jail,” he said in a video posted to YouTube.”

They were also looking through my pocket for money and they were saying that if I told the police what I had done, I was going to be thrown in prison.

“The video shows a group of officers removing the man’s underwear from his pants and then placing his penis into a training training shoe.”

It’s a little bit embarrassing to tell the truth, but the training shoe was the only thing that could help me,” he added.

The video has been viewed over two million times.

The incident is one of many similar cases in Australia, with a number of men being taken into custody for using training shoes.

In March, the Federal Court of Australia heard a man was arrested and charged with wearing training shoes in a shop in Sydney after a video of him wearing a shoe was circulated.”

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The police will make sure that when they arrest someone for wearing a training boot that they are taking the right steps to ensure that their actions are consistent with our guidelines.”

Topics:police,education,community-and-society,sexual-offences,sexuality,crime,hobart-7000,tony-jones-7256,tas,australiaMore stories from Tasmania