How to train to run a 100-metre marathon: ‘It takes a village’

Training for a 100m marathon is a tall order for many people.

The challenge can be overwhelming for those who don’t have an extensive track record of the sport and are new to the marathon.

This is why the training industry is so keen to bring you up to speed with the best of the best, including how to run your first 100m race.

If you’re interested in training to run 100m for the first time, here are some tips on how to prepare.


Run with your bodyweight.

Running with your feet or a walking stick is best for beginners and athletes.

If your running form is poor, consider using a power walk.


Start slow.

Don’t get too excited.

Start slowly, and don’t rush yourself.

You’ll be able to improve if you follow these tips and you’ll feel better the quicker you get started.


Run the marathon at a leisurely pace.

Start in the early hours of the morning.

Try to keep the pace relaxed and aim to run at about 10km/h (6mph).

It’s easier to get used to running at that pace, but be careful because this can take you out of the rhythm of your body.


Don, don’t get discouraged.

If the weather is hot and humid, the pace should increase.

If it’s dry and windy, your mileage should increase too.


Keep a log.

Log your pace and your results.

This can help you get to know your training and help you plan your next training session.


Run a small group.

A small group will give you an advantage and it will make you better at getting your body to respond.


Take your time.

Don´t be tempted to run on a track or on the track itself.

Take time to get to the finish line and enjoy yourself.


Donate to the runners.

Runners can make a big difference to their local community and the environment by giving back.

Find out more about how to help support runners and make a donation.


Remember your running gear.

Don the appropriate running gear for your level of training, like a power jacket or running shorts.

If they don’t work, take them off.


Take breaks.

If there is a wind, stop for a bit.

This will help to cool down and get your body used to the pace.


Don your helmet.

Your body will thank you.

If needed, wear a head mask to protect your eyes.


Be gentle.

If a runner is struggling with the race, it is important that they don´t run in too deep.

They can damage their lungs, lower their heart rate and make them feel dizzy.


Be consistent.

Run as if you are tired.

This gives your body the time it needs to recover.


Watch your breath.

If an experienced runner is running too hard, he or she will often get fatigued and slow down.

Watch the breath and take breaks when you can.


Don`t stop.

A good runner will continue to run, even if it feels like you have stopped.

This makes the marathon feel more like a sprint and helps you feel more relaxed and confident.


Remember to breathe hard.

The pace is always increasing and it can take time to adjust to this.

Running on your back is not conducive to good form and a quick, easy pace can cause injury.


Don�t let the weather take over.

Remember that the wind is a constant and that there is always a chance of rain.

If wind is forecasted, it can be extremely dangerous and you should be prepared for any weather conditions.


Run in the rain.

You might feel the urge to run in the rainy season, but you’ll be much safer in the dry season.


Wear long sleeves and pants.

Run wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants, like you would a t-shirt or sweatshirt.


If possible, run with a partner.

Running is a great way to connect with people who are different to you, so have someone else with you.


Be respectful of the environment.

If people start yelling at you for not wearing a hat or scarf, don�t respond.

People will be more likely to listen to you and respect you.


Get your head down.

If things get stressful, just run to keep your body in shape and relaxed.


Practice for the next race.

Run your next race in the same fashion as you did last time.

Try not to over-plan your training.

You can’t run a marathon on the weekend and not plan a race in October.

Run at a tempo that works for you, and if you can, do so. 24.

Don\’t be discouraged if you don’t do well.

The more you train, the better you get.


Be aware of your

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