Which of the new training videos will you be watching this season?

It was only a matter of time until the new video and training videos came out, so it is great to see the training footage of the likes of Simone de Silvestro, Marta, Carla Streit and Maria Gonçalves getting their training under the spotlight.

The two girls look like they are getting some intense work out, but we are sure to see a few more surprises in the coming months. 

The new training video for Marta is worth a look if you want to get an idea of how she is training in the new season, but she seems to be getting used to the new position in which she is competing.

She will be competing in the 5-a-side tournament this season. 

There will be a training session for Simone de Silva next week as well. Maria Gonçals training video is also worth a watch if you are a fan of Simone and want to see what it’s like for a girl competing in 5-as. 

Finally, we have a video of Simone playing her new position with her coach.

We hope you enjoy this new training footage!