How to spot a dangerous dog and protect yourself

When it comes to dog training, we’ve always been taught to “be patient” and “never put your life at risk.”

But when it comes time to protect yourself, that’s just not a realistic approach.

“I think it’s important to be patient and take it slow,” said Lizzie D’Agostino, a certified trainer at the New York City Balenciagar Speed Training Academy.

“You want to be ready when it does happen.”

But there are other, more specific, ways to be prepared.


Don’t be afraid to go in the house “The first thing you should do when you’re in a dangerous situation is to go to the house.

The door is always open,” D’Agnostino said.

“We have a safety protocol where you lock the door behind you, and you should stay there until the police arrive.”

You’ll also want to avoid the house, because if the dog gets out, it could get you bitten.

And don’t even think about going to the bathroom, she added.

You’re in for a scary time.

“Go inside the house if it’s locked.

Don the clothes you’re wearing, go outside the house to the yard, but don’t go in to the toilet.

That’s not safe,” D`Agostio said.

Another way to prepare is to “just walk down the street and keep walking.”

D’Alsola said that a safe and safe place to be is at the playground.

“If the dog is outside, and he sees you, then you should be able to get back in the car and go,” she said.

And if the animal doesn’t see you, you can still take a quick break to get some food.

“Just walk around and look at the street,” she added, because dogs don’t always react well to a person in a crowded place.


Watch your dogs “When a dog is in a position of authority, it is much easier for it to get its way.

So, if the situation is dangerous, you should always have a backup plan in place.”

You might have your dog with you at the park, or in your car.

But D’Abostino advises that you’re not to rely on your dog for this.

“It’s a great way to make sure you’re prepared to defend yourself,” she told Fox News.


Don´t let the dog attack you.

“Dogs are very social animals, and they will attack if they see you,” D´Agostinos said.

If the dog attacks you, D’Asola said you should call 911.

“They have very powerful emotions, and if they have to bite you, they will bite.

And they will eat you,” she explained.

But if the attack happens when you aren’t around, you might be able call a trusted friend or neighbor, who will help you out.

“Even if the person has a dog, it doesn’t mean you have to run.

You can always call a neighbor and see what happens,” D,Agnos said.


Get some food at home “If you can’t find food, it’s best to go out and buy food.

If you’re going to be in the city, you need to eat,” she stressed.

“Otherwise, you could get very sick.”

You can also purchase dog food from your local supermarket or local dog food store.

D’Arcos said that it’s not uncommon for people to buy their own food.

She said it’s better to go with someone else.

“The best way to prevent the dog from getting away with something is to buy a food box.

You want to put it in a safe place, but there is no guarantee that it won’t get stolen,” she emphasized.


Make sure the dog doesn’t have a “dangerous past” “If a dog does go out with a dangerous past, it should be on the list,” D’sAgnas said.

D’sAsola also said that if you can help the dog, do it.

“In most cases, it will be better for the dog to be out with someone who has a history of keeping dogs than to have a dog that has a bad past,” she warned.


Take a few steps in front of the dog “The second thing is to take a few more steps in the front,” D said.

She suggested looking out the window to see if the dogs are looking at you.

If so, she advised that you should take a look at them.

“Then you can do a quick glance around and see if you see anything,” she continued.

“That way you can just say, ‘Oh, I see you.

I saw you.

You have to be very careful.’

If the animal is on the sidewalk, it can’t see the street.

If it is outside of

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