Which of the bikes we’re most likely to see at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show?

It’s a bike that’s been designed specifically for mountain biking, and has been a favorite among riders for years.

In this year’s Tokyo Motor show, the new bike will be unveiled alongside a pair of new prototypes, and we have our thoughts.

The new bike has a wider and slimmer body than the current models, and a wider seat height.

It’s also got a lot more tech: the bike is equipped with a battery pack that lasts for at least two days, as well as a GPS that can keep track of your speed.

The bike also has a “smart belt” that tracks your steps, and can adjust its position depending on what kind of terrain you’re riding on.

The price of the new bikes is expected to be about $1,200.

The current models go for about $900, but the new ones are expected to go for $1 in the near future.

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