MLB spring training 2018: Can Dogs Handle the Heat?

The spring training baseball season officially begins on Thursday and while it has been a busy one for fans, dogs have had a tough time getting through the season unscathed.

There have been a number of incidents where pets have been hurt or injured and some are calling the situation a “dog winter.”

But there are some things that can be done to help a dog and dog trainer during the winter months, says Michael Kline, a dog trainer at The Dog Training Center in Boston.


Provide a safe place to play If your dog is playing at a park or pool, give them a place to sit and play.

Don’t play with a puppy or other small animals that could cause injury, Kline says.


Keep a warm blanket around your dog’s crate A safe place for your dog to rest and recover after a game or practice is an area that can keep the heat out.


Give your dog an opportunity to run and play a bit During the offseason, it is important to provide your dog with some exercise and opportunities to run around.

Keep the temperature in the house cool and keep your dog away from a hot outdoor environment.


Give the dog treats for food The winter is often a time for feeding your dog and providing them with treats for their favorite foods.

You can offer treats to your dog or provide them with a treat from the dog crate to help them to feel better, Klin says.


Try to keep your house cool by using a window fan to cool the house down If you live in an apartment building, consider buying a window fans that can provide enough air for your indoor dog to play in. 6.

Have your dog get some exercise on the couch If your outdoor dog doesn’t get enough exercise, it can get dehydrated and can have a detrimental effect on your dog, Klenist says.

If your indoor pup doesn’t like to get out of the house, there are ways to help him get back to his outdoor activities.

For example, a toy or blanket could help him to stay active during the cold weather, Kliner says.


Teach your dog manners in the heat If your dogs love to be socialized, you can also teach them manners by giving them treats.

Treats or toys can be used to give your dog a break from the busy environment.


Provide your dog food and water to get their body temperature up and hydrate The warm weather means that your dog might be able to survive without a bath and drink a lot of water.

Try a bath or hot tub, KLIN says.


Keep your outdoor pup safe by keeping your yard and yard yard from the heat When you are away from home, it’s important to keep dogs away from the hot and humid environment, KLINE says.

Take the time to provide plenty of water, so that your outdoor canine can get his hydration and get away from hot, humid weather.


Provide exercise to your indoor puppy to keep him hydrated You can also give your outdoor puppy a variety of different activities to help keep him active and active in the winter.

For instance, if your dog loves to run, you might choose to offer him a leash to run with, Klins says.


Teach obedience training to your outdoor pups to keep them occupied during the long winter months Many dog owners are concerned about their outdoor pup having to follow their commands and obeying commands from other dogs when he is outdoors.

For this reason, it might be beneficial to teach your dog obedience training so that he can understand what is happening when he hears or sees something, Klines says.


Teach them to go to the yard for exercise When you don’t have time to play, or your outdoor dogs are not happy with their play time, you may consider having them go to their yard for a walk, Klist says, adding that it might help keep them from getting sick or injured during the harsh winter months.


Give them exercise when they go out for a stroll If your house is very warm, you could provide outdoor playtime to your dogs.

A favorite activity to try is walking outside at night, Klnist says to keep the dog cool and hydrated.


Provide water and food for your outdoor animals When they are outdoors, it helps to provide food and drinking water for your dogs, Kliners says.

For a dog that loves to eat, Klisit is recommending a bowl of ice cream and a bottle of water for a dog.


Provide playtime for your pet to keep their energy levels up, keep them hydrated and give them an opportunity for exercise, Kliist says by using an activity that involves their favorite toys.

For dogs that are not as athletic, Kloisit says you could also have them run on a treadmill, for example.


Provide plenty of treats for your animal to keep

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