POKEMON TRAINING TIPS: Train a pokémon in a potty!


A special article about the POKÉMON trainers!

This article is an introduction to trainers.

It will teach you everything you need to know about POKéMON trainers.

This article will explain what a trainer is, what they do, what you need in order to get a trainer, and what you should look out for when it comes to finding trainers.

A trainer is a trainer that you can catch, and this article will show you how to catch them.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and will come back for more articles about POGOs.

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The Basics!

Trainer Attributes: A trainer has three attributes, Base Stats, Stamina, and Special Attack.

Each trainer has their own special attack, and each trainer has different special attributes, as well as the ability to use special moves.

When a trainer uses a move, it will change the trainer’s appearance.

The trainer is not considered “off” for the rest of the game.

There are two types of trainers: those that can use the Move or the Move+Move set, and those that only have one move.

The move sets are all similar in the way that they allow the trainer to choose from one of the three moves.

The only thing you will need to remember about each move is that it is a move that can be used while in battle, and it must be the same type as the move.

This is called “slotting”.

A Pokemon with the same Special Attack and Special Defense can only be the trainer.

Each move is the same, except the moves are not the same in appearance.

Each Pokemon has two “sets”, one for the “normal” Pokemon, and one for any other Pokemon.

You will notice that I have two moves in the middle.

The “normal”-set has the same move that the “off”-set can use, and the moves have the same special attacks.

The other set is called the “move+move” set.

These moves are called “special attacks” because they have the ability of changing a Pokemon’s appearance as well.

For example, the move Normal Fury can be a move for the Pokemon that has no special attacks at all.

If you see the name of this set, you will know that it changes the Pokemon’s color, and also has a special attack.

This moves are usually very powerful, and have a huge effect on a Pokemon.

The first type of trainer you will encounter is a Pokemon with one move, or no moves.

This Pokemon has a Base Stats stat.

Base Stats are basically the stats that are measured when you start the game up.

Base stats are also used to determine the power of the Pokemon and the amount of experience you gain.

Pokemon with two moves, or less stats, have no Base Stats.

Pokemon that have four or more stats have a Base Stat.

A Pokemon that uses two moves and a move+move set can have Base Stats as high as 10,000, but will only have up to 2,000 experience.

In other words, if a Pokemon has three Base Stats of 4, 6, and 8, it can only have 3,000 Pokemon experience, but with a move and a special move, that number increases to 6,000.

Special Attack is the type of attack a Pokemon can use while in combat.

It changes a Pokemon in appearance, giving it a special effect.

This type of move has the ability, which can be “slotted”, to change a Pokemon appearance to that of a different Pokemon.

This can include changing the color of a Pokemon, changing its gender, and even changing its abilities.

Pokemon can only use one move in battle.

If a Pokemon uses the move or move+set, then the Pokemon has to have a Special Attack to use it in battle with another Pokemon.

Special Attacks have a special power.

This power is called Special Attack Speed.

Special attacks can be set up with a special ability that lets a Pokemon use a special type of effect while in battles.

If the Pokemon with a Special Attribute is able to use a move with a certain Special Attack type, the Special Attack can be Special Attack Type: Normal or Special Attack: Normal.

For some Pokemon, Special Attributes are not necessary.

For those Pokemon, you should find out what type of Special Attack a Pokemon is able, or what moves a Pokemon may use in battle before you start playing.

Special Moves are the special abilities a Pokemon will have during battle.

Special moves can be chosen from a list of special moves, and can also be set to any of the four types of moves: Normal, Special, Special+, and Normal+.

The Special Moves list of moves is the list of the moves that can affect the Pokemon.

These special moves are: Headbutt, Rage, Superpower, Confusion, and