What the hell is a ‘HIT-tastic’ training? | Why do we have to train the way we do?

The word HIT-tastes like something you’d hear in a horror movie, but it actually describes something that is almost always about getting a workout in.

And as we’ve learned over the years, it’s actually a pretty good thing.

When it comes to training, there are a lot of misconceptions and the truth is that you don’t need to hit the gym with a hammer to get a workout.

But there are some myths that need to be busted, so here’s what you need to know about the most popular workout myths.1.

We’re all just too busy to hit a gym for a workout, and there’s no need to go out for a session.

This is another misconception that gets perpetuated by a lot for the majority of people.

It’s a common myth that if you’re too busy for a gym session, you’ll just have to hit it.

It doesn’t work like that.

The truth is, we can do a lot more than hit a single workout session.

In fact, a lot fewer people do than many believe.

The vast majority of exercise can be done without a workout session if you practice enough.

And when you practice your muscles correctly, your muscles will get stronger as you increase the number of reps they can perform.2.

Training is for people who aren’t fit.

While most people think of training as a way to gain weight, that’s not necessarily the case.

For most people, it all depends on how fit they are, and what type of training they’re doing.

For example, if you’ve been exercising for a while and your weight loss is low, you might have gained some weight.

But if you only exercise for about two weeks and you’ve lost a lot in the process, you could be in danger of developing an eating disorder or other health problem.

Training can help you reach your fitness goals, but that’s up to you.3.

There’s no such thing as “too much.”

If you’ve got some extra weight on your back, you’re not going to get too ripped, because you can always add more muscle.

And if you get in a lot less than you think you should, it won’t make you look worse or less fit.

For instance, if your training was too intense, you’d look like a clown.

But that’s the kind of thing that can be corrected by focusing on your health and exercising more.4.

You need to work hard for a training session.

If you’re just training to get stronger, you won’t get any of that in a workout; the workouts won’t be fun.

That’s why it’s important to find a workout that is fun for you and that you’re confident in.

For that, you need a workout plan that is easy to follow and that’s consistent throughout the day.5.

You’ll get injured.

There are a number of things that can happen if you don.t do your exercises correctly.

Some common injuries that can result from doing a workout incorrectly include: ankle sprains, knee and ankle injuries, ankle sprain injuries, sprains or strains to the ankle muscles, sprained ankle, and sprained leg.

These injuries are most likely to happen when your body is trying to recover from an intense workout session and you don to make sure your muscles are ready for it.6.

You can’t hit a workout without a good partner.

A good workout partner will help you achieve your fitness goal, while also providing a safe environment for you to get out and exercise.

You also want to make it a point to have a partner that can help keep you safe during your workout.

If your partner isn’t going to be the type of person who is comfortable sitting in the corner for hours, there’s a good chance that they won’t like getting out of your way for the workout, either.7.

You don’t have to do it right the first time.

A lot of people think that if they do the exercises correctly, they’ll be able to keep their fitness goal.

They’re wrong.

Training for fitness isn’t about getting stronger, it is about getting the right amount of muscle and getting the body used to it.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, you can do it in any order that you want, and you won.

For more information about fitness and nutrition, click here.

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