A look at some of the games coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017

The following are the best PlayStation 4 games in 2017 so far, as listed by IGN. 

PlayStation 4 games: The Last of Us Remastered (PS4, January 22, 2018) A story told with a very dark twist.

A man with no name finds himself trapped in a world torn apart by war, and has to learn to survive. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (3DS, January 24, 2018). 

A Zelda-inspired, RPG that takes place in the same world as The Legend of Korra, as well as a spin-off called The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. 

Fable Legends (Xbox One, February 8, 2018), a follow-up to Fables (2014), that takes place after the events of Fate (2015). 

The Crew (PC, March 9, 2018)-A new cooperative game featuring the cast of The Walking Dead. 

Titanfall 2 (XB1, March 11, 2018)–a new space shooter with Gears of War-style tactics. 

Doki Doki Universe (DS, March 13, 2018): A sequel to Dodaiju 2 that includes two major characters. 

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (GBA, March 16, 2018)…a new monster hunting game that adds a new type of monster. 

Final Fantasy (Wii U, March 20, 2018)—a major event in The Fabled Lands series that allows you to use a magic wand and attack the monsters in your path. Destiny 2 + Battlefield 1 (360, March 24, 2017)–a major event that lets you play as Grimlock the Hunter from Battleborn from Battlefront and Dishonored 2. Star Trek (Vita, March 25, 2017) a space opera based on Starfleet from Star Trek: Enterprise from the Star Wars prequel series. 

Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch, March 26, 2017), the first Mario game on Nintendo TV (which is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch). 

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (Switch, March 27, 2017). 

This game was released last December, and was in development before Nintendo released Pokémon V. Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun (Game Boy Advance, March 28, 2017)-the first two Pokémon games on Game Boy Advance with an entire story for themselves. 

Pokemon X and Y (Pokémon X and Y), two new games from Nintendo that is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch. 

Deadly Premonition (The Last Of Us Remastered, March 29, 2017)—a sequel to

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