Amtrak Train Car Crashes Into Train Source The Washington Post

A Amtrak train crashed into a train car on a California freeway Wednesday, killing all four people on board.

The Amtrak train that crashed into the train car is a train, Amtrak said.

The train was a passenger train carrying about 1,200 passengers and crew members from New York, California and North Carolina, according to the company.

The crash occurred at about 8:30 a.m. at a railroad crossing in San Diego County.

Investigators found that the train was not equipped with emergency brakes, and the train had no warning of a mechanical failure.

The driver of the train, a passenger, was not injured, Amtrak officials said.

Amtrak said the cause of the crash was under investigation.

Amtrak trains typically travel at speeds of about 100 mph, but the train crash appears to have occurred at speeds between 70 mph and 100 mph.

Amtrak spokeswoman Jennifer McPherson said the train did not stop on the tracks and had left the track when the collision occurred.

McPhersons agency has not confirmed the train’s location, but it appears to be in the San Diego area.

Amtrak train crashes into train cars on California FreewayThe Amtrak train involved in the crash on Wednesday morning was a train that is part of Amtrak’s fleet of more than 2,000 locomotives, according in a statement released by Amtrak.

“All four were killed in the incident and were transported to a local hospital,” the statement said.

“There are no known injuries to the passengers and employees of this Amtrak train.”

The train involved was a locomotive and did not have a passenger car.

It was not immediately clear whether the crash is connected to the Amtrak train crash that killed four people earlier this month.

Amtrak’s service from San Diego to Los Angeles has been disrupted by the Amtrak crash.

It is unclear if the Amtrak accident is related to that accident.

The derailment occurred on the 101 Freeway in San Francisco, just north of Interstate 5.

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