The next step in training your pet

Train your dog to hunt wild game or learn to control your pet’s movements by using a device that tracks their movements, according to a new device designed by a research group at Carnegie Mellon University.

The device, called the Arc Trainer, is designed to help animals learn new skills that will improve their overall health and performance.

While the device can be used to train animals in ways like fetching food, the team behind the device said it could also be used in a more positive way to encourage them to interact with their owners.

“A lot of the time when we talk about the benefits of being a companion animal, we’re not thinking about how we can do things that make them better,” says lead researcher John D. Krasner.

“We’re thinking about what they can do for us and for them, so we can get them into their habitat, and then to their benefit.”

The Arc Trainer works by connecting to your pet via Bluetooth and monitoring their movements to learn what they need to do to stay in good shape and get to the right place.

The sensor is placed on the pet’s collar so it can track their movement.

When the sensor detects a movement, it sends data to your smartphone so you can follow along.

“The goal of this is to make your pet feel safe and secure,” says Krasne.

“That’s a goal that we can all strive toward, to be able to be in a relationship with your pet that’s comfortable and safe.”

Drones and other surveillance devices can be a lifesaver for many animals.

A 2015 study published in PLOS One showed that drones could reduce the risk of human injuries to livestock by up to 90%.

However, it is also worth noting that animals who are used to being on their own are often less likely to understand the importance of their own safety.

This means that people often need to be extra cautious in using drones, and even if they are, their pet may be too close for comfort.

“For a pet, when you get their attention and they’re aware of the drone, they’re much more likely to stay on their feet and look up to you,” explains Krasnner.

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