How to use your workout shorts for a killer workout

Fitness experts say you can use your shorts as workout accessories that make your workouts feel better.

Here’s how.

(Axios/Associated Press) 1.

Use the shorts as a fitness accessory.

The gym shorts aren’t just for the gym.

In addition to providing the illusion of workout gear, they can also be used for other activities as well.

“The gym shorts are a great workout accessory,” says Heather Gaddis, a physical therapist and founder of the Gaddisfit Fitness Academy.

“You can go from running to walking, to biking, and even to lifting weights.

They are a good alternative for athletes who want to maintain their fitness.”

In fact, according to a recent study, the shorts were a popular workout accessory for athletes over 35.

“People can wear them while exercising and also as a casual accessory,” Gaddys says.

And if you’re like many athletes who wear workout shorts more often than you think, you may be one of the millions of Americans who’ve never even used a workout pants.

(They’re a little like a sock with the sleeves removed, so you’re stuck with them until you get the hang of them.)

Gaddies recommends using the shorts to create a workout feel without the pressure to get in a workout.

“I’ve been doing yoga with the shorts in the front and then they’re on my back and then on my chest,” she says.

“It’s a little bit like doing a traditional yoga position.”

(Watch a video of yoga with shorts in action.)

If you’re doing yoga, take your time and try the same motions.

“Poses that have a lot of weight on your back should use the shorts the most, like seated lunges,” she advises.

And don’t be afraid to mix and match your workout clothing with different workout accessories.

“For example, the sports bra, the yoga pants, the gym shorts, and the shorts,” she recommends.


Add the workout to your everyday wardrobe.

While most people wear workout pants as an accessory to get their workout started, they also need to make sure that they’re still functional enough to do the work that they do.

“This is really important to keep in mind,” says Gadds.

“If you can’t do a pose, then it doesn’t mean that you need to do that pose.”

“You should always have a pair of pants on,” says Kelly Schreiber, a certified personal trainer and founder and chief executive officer of Bodywork Training Systems.

“Your workout clothes should help you get back on the mat, which is a really important part of getting into the gym and staying there.”

She recommends that you wear the shorts and pants together when you do your cardio and strength workouts.

“Then you can go into a different position to do your pull-ups,” she adds.


Use your workout gear for a few different activities.

“A lot of people like to wear workout clothes as a fashion accessory,” explains Schreber.

“But it’s also a great accessory to have on a daily basis to keep you going.

You can wear the workout pants with a sweatshirt, or just put them on with your workout socks.”

Schrebers recommends adding a workout belt to your workout pants for a quick, clean and easy workout.

(If you’re a new gymgoer, you might want to consider getting a belt first.)

The belt can help keep your legs and hips warm during your workouts and help keep you balanced while you’re on the mats.

“Belt loops are great for getting you into the right position, so they’re a great way to add extra support to your hips,” she explains.

“They can also make it easier to pull your pants down, since they can hold your waist in place.”


Use them for a different activity.

If you do some yoga or just love a good workout, you can also incorporate them into your regular routine.

“When you’re not doing a pose or trying to work out, the athletic shorts are perfect for keeping you cool,” says Schreibs.

(Watch how yoga pants look with a belt loop.)

For a few more different workouts, consider using the workout shorts as accessories for other athletic activities, such as cycling, swimming, running, and biking.

“There are some yoga pants that you can wear with a swim cap, and they can keep your feet cool in the cold,” Schrebs says.

For those who are just starting out with their fitness routine, you could wear your workout clothes in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

“As you build your confidence, you’ll also find that wearing your workout trousers with your regular workout clothes makes you more confident,” she suggests.

“With a little guidance from a fitness coach, you will see how they fit together and how they can help you feel more confident.”


Wear your workout wear outside the gym when you have free time.

“Gym shorts can be a

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