How to get your athletic trainer to work for you

For every $1 you spend on a professional trainer, $1 in profit will be returned to your pocket.

But how much do you need to spend?

Here’s a guide to help you decide if you can afford to spend as much as $10,000 a year.


Get a business card from a reputable company 2.

Find a reputable employer 3.

Take the required fitness test 4.

Check with your insurance company 5.

Get the required medical clearance 6.

Get an offer from your training company 7.

Take a test to find out how good you are at your job 8.

Get paid $10 an hour 9.

Take an audition to see if you’re the right fit for your company’s coaching job 10.

Go for the audition and take the $10-an-hour pay cut 11.

Make sure you get your fitness test done before your first job interview 12.

Apply for the $15,000-a-year training contract 13.

Take your job interview and pay the $5,000 you’re offered 14.

Make a list of all the training companies and training opportunities that you know of 15.

Find out which of your trainers will take you to the gym 16.

Take it easy until your first training session 17.

Get your first paycheck 18.

Take another audition 19.

Check the pay grade for your job at a gym 20.

Go to the job fair and ask the other trainers what you can do to improve your skills 21.

Get one of the training company’s new training plans 22.

Work out with a trainer 23.

Get $10 for every $5 you earn from the company that you trained with 24.

Work up to $50 an hour 25.

Take on the job of your dreams 26.

Take all the required background checks and interviews 27.

Take online classes 28.

Pay your own training company to get the most out of your training experience 29.

Make up for your lack of training time by working at a fitness studio 30.

Make your own practice schedule 31.

Find the best gym for your fitness level 32.

Do a fitness test to get a feel for how well you can fit into your trainer’s office 33.

Get on the treadmill and do a practice run 34.

Find someone to teach you the proper way to get to your goals 35.

Find an exercise buddy 36.

Take one of your fitness tests 37.

Do 10-minute runs at the gym 38.

Do 15-minute laps around the office 39.

Work on your flexibility 40.

Find your favorite spot to practice your fitness routine 41.

Do yoga to help get rid of any stress 42.

Get some exercise equipment and start your day off with some great yoga routines 43.

Work in the morning at your favorite yoga studio 44.

Find and work out with your trainer 45.

Do something new to help keep your body in shape 46.

Find something you can train in your local gym 47.

Get involved with a fitness program 48.

Find other people that are also trying to get in shape 49.

Have a good time doing something new 50.

Go out and do something that you love and you love to do 51.

Find another way to stay fit 52.

Go back to your gym 53.

Learn new skills that will help you stay fit 54.

Get more exercise for your body 55.

Take part in an activity class or a group exercise program 56.

Take classes with someone else at a local gym 57.

Take fitness tests to make sure you’re getting the best results 58.

Make it a point to walk to work every day 59.

Do some yoga at the office 60.

Have fun with some friends and family 61.

Have someone else teach you how to do yoga 62.

Find people who will take your yoga class 63.

Work at your local fitness center 64.

Take some yoga classes at home 65.

Find new exercise equipment that you can use to get fit 66.

Take up a new hobby that you enjoy 67.

Find yourself a new job that will give you the best of both worlds 68.

Find fun ways to improve the way you feel 69.

Work with someone who has done the same thing you have 70.

Find some help at a spa 71.

Do one of those yoga classes that you loved to do before you found your gym 72.

Work for a company that provides training and equipment for athletes 73.

Work as a coach or a trainer 74.

Work a part-time job 75.

Find free or low-cost yoga classes 76.

Get certified in yoga by your local yoga studio 77.

Take yoga classes online 78.

Take Yoga with Your Family 79.

Take advantage of the great workout you get from your yoga studio 80.

Do an active dance class 81.

Go on a yoga retreat or a yoga and pilates class 82.

Find yoga classes in your area 83.

Take at least one yoga class at home 84.

Workouts at a yoga studio 85.

Get help with your weightlifting routine 86.

Get yoga training at

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