Amtrak is planning to open new stations and train stations in Portland, Oregon

Amtrak is gearing up for another round of major expansion, but this time the agency isn’t just looking to make the Northeast more popular, it’s trying to bring the region’s train system closer to a city where people live.

The Federal Railroad Administration is looking to expand its footprint in Portland’s most populated city, according to a draft release.

The announcement comes as Amtrak is looking for new trains and stations to add to its fleet, and it wants to get the system to the people of the Portland metro area, which includes many areas with a high concentration of people who commute by public transit.

The agency is also exploring the possibility of moving trains to Portland and moving trains from other regions to other cities to help fill the gap.

The proposal would also include new commuter rail lines to the Oregon coast and a new passenger rail line connecting Portland to the San Francisco Bay area.

Amtrak has already begun work on those plans, which will take time to complete, but the agency is working on a proposal for a rail service from Washington, D.C., to Portland, as well.

Amtrak also has a planned expansion of its Portland, Maine, station to double its capacity, according, the draft release said.

Amtrak will also begin constructing a new terminal at the station and building a new bus station, which would allow more passengers to be moved from other locations in the region.

“As part of the agency’s commitment to growing and connecting the Northeast, Amtrak is pursuing the largest possible expansion of existing train service to Portland by 2030,” the draft released on Monday said.

The train service would include the new trains, the new terminals, and new bus service.

Amtrak says that it has a strong track record of expanding service in a region.

In addition to the planned expansion, Amtrak says it will continue to invest in rail upgrades to improve service, train technology, and infrastructure.

It also plans to hire about 4,000 new employees to bolster its train fleet.